The Data vs Gut paradox

As product managers, we make a wide range of decisions on a daily basis.  These judgements vary from strategic decisions, such as feature prioritisation, to tactical decisions such as the font size in a new user registration form.  The difficulty in making multiple decisions is the mental effort entailed in the process while we switch… Read More The Data vs Gut paradox


The organizational challenges of Analytics

In a post by McKinsey from 2013, we can see three main challenges in using analytics for the first time: Deciding which data to use (and where you should look outside your organization). Handling analytics (and securing the right capabilities to do so). Using the insights you’ve gained to transform your operations. Organizational Readiness When… Read More The organizational challenges of Analytics

What do product managers need to know about analytics?

In order to plan the measurements of a business, you need to begin with the what and the how.  To begin, let’s cover some of the key concepts of analytics. First, let’s start with the basics and define what analytics are. I liked the definition found in the Accidental Product Manager Blog: “Let’s define Analytics… Read More What do product managers need to know about analytics?